10 ways to keep your boat green

With just a little effort we can be as kind to the environment on board as we are at home. Here are some ideas about how to minimise your impact upon the marine environment:

Bio bathroom cleaner1. Use environmentally-friendly products if possible, such as washing-up liquid, toilet and surface cleaners. We can provide these upon request … more info.

2. Shore facilities, i.e. showers and toilets should be used in preference to boat facilities whenever possible.

3. Holding tanks should be used when at anchor then emptied and flushed through when offshore or via pump out facilities

How degrading poster

4. Bring some tupperware with you if you think that you might eat sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, biscuits etc. Its preferable to single-use cling-film and less likely to fly overboard

5. Do not throw any waste overboard including items such as apple cores, banana skin and orange peel. These can take many months or even years to degrade … more info.

6. As much packaging as possible should be removed before setting sail. For example, cardboard packaging on tins, cereal and yoghurts. Plastic wrapping on drink cans and fruit.

7. As well as having a bag for “binable” rubbish, also have a bag for glass, cardboard, metal and plastic recyclables. Recycling facilities are available in most marinas.

Mesh fruit bag

8. Buy your fruit and veg loose and use a mesh bag to carry it. Hang up the bag once on board to allow the fruit and veg to breathe.

9. Minimise spillages when refuelling by avoiding overfilling and collecting drips using rags or a fuel collar. Do not use washing up liquid to disperse any spillage.

10. Save fuel whenever possible – sail!

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