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Excellent experience on a well organised RYA Competant Crew course

By 22nd February 2018 No Comments
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I was very pleased with the Schools quick responses to my initial online booking for the Competent Crew Course and all subsequent communications. I was kept updated about arrangements prior to the course. On arrival the staff and instructor welcomed me warmly and were clear about what I needed to do. On the course the instructor was very clear, helpful and encouraging and also a good companion. I was given plenty of opportunity to develop my practical skills and extend my knowledge and understanding of all that’s required to be a good crew member.

Our instructor is clearly very experienced in sailing completing thousands of sea miles each year and was very approachable with a wealth of anecdotes from his own experience that he was able to use to illustrate many of his teaching points. But he was also happy to patiently explain and answer basic questions and ensure he’d full answered your query. He planned and discussed with us the schedule and its objectives for each day and ensured we completed them successfully.

The boat was well equipped and provided all the opportunities to practice the skills we were taught and the school also supplied a good selection of food for the week.

The cost was reasonable just for an enjoyable weeks sailing, but when you add all the instruction and opportunities for practicing the skills taught it was excellent value. I left feeling well prepared to act as a crew member on a boat, and am enthusiastic to develop my skills further.

D Bailey 22nd February 2018